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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
new album preorder

new album preorder

HI everybody! In the last meeting we had in the studio for a listening session of the pre-production of the album we realized that for this record (FIRST INFO : working title “The Persistence”) we need to step up a bit in terms of production, so we’d like to have our fantastic sound engineer at work from day one and not only at mixing stage and to rent some hi-end equipment for the recordings (mics, preamps etc..). As you probably can imagine this means that the production cost is going to rise quite a bit so we decided to make a special preorder package and we are going to use every cent of it for the production extra costs. The preorder package is going to cost 20 euros + shipment and consists in:

- Signed/hand numbered copy of the new album

- Digital download of the Demo version of the album + some alternative versions and songs/ideas not used in the final tracklist with notes about the idea behind every song

- A 40% discount price for one of our past catalogue pieces (CD/DVD/T-Shirt)

- A password that will unlock exclusive footage from the recording sessions and exclusive teasers

- Your name in the special thanks section of the booklet (they will be listed in the same order as preorder request order…the faster you are the higher you’ll be in the list)

The more you are going to be the better record you are going to have!

TO PRE-ORDER you special package send an email to kingcrowband@gmail.com , object: “Persistence Preorder” and your full name and address in the body of the email. You will get an email back in the few days with all the details for the payment :)

Thank you very much for your support!

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