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25/02/2013 - Review by "Thanos" - From "www.grande-rock.com" - Grande Rock D&D interview

Hi guys… You truly hit the spot with your new album! It’s captivating by all means. Bravo!

DC: Thank you so much! We just tried to make the best music possible, as we ever did.

Well, new album under a new label once again. It’s becoming sort of a “tradition” for the band, huh?

DC: I think it is a consequence of the growth of the band. We worked with several labels it’s true but every time we looked out for something better or someone who know how to handle our music in the vastness of the market. We’re very happy and proud of working with Sensory records right now.

What are the new elements that “In Crescendo” brings to the table in comparison to “Phlegethon”?

DC: To me “In Crescendo” is much more complex compared to “Phlegethon” but at the same time it has a kind of melodic quality which allows the record to sounds complex but not “hostile” to the ears of the listeners. It is important for us to be “progressive” and maintain the music interesting and captivating without sound hard to digest, if you know what I mean. The focus is always about good melodies and harmonies, even in the complex passages.

There’s also a new member on the band, the bassist Francesco D’Errico. Why was there a change?

DC: Because, as usual, we’re in constant search of the best for the band. This doesn’t mean that the previous bass player wasn’t good but there were different visions about other aspects involved in the life of the band. With Francesco we found a fantastic musician, very open minded and determined. And his playing is focused on what is better for the song in terms of general sound. That’s very important to us since our music is all about the interplay between the instruments and the sounds. There is a common goal and it is what’s better for the songs. I’m used to describe our sound as a very complex minimalism, where the sum of the single parts is much wider than what every one of us does.

Hence, what does the title “In Crescendo” declare?

DM: We tried to explain our moment as band but also as men playing with this word which has, in Italian, more than just one meaning. The meaning of the musical “Crescendo” is involved because the album has a lot of dynamics. Dynamic is a key word I think for our musical style. On the other hand, the album is about our particular time of life; we’re leaving the age of youth and facing the challenges that the adult age presents.

What’s the relation with the cover artwork where we see a baby sleeping inside a bird nest?

DM: We had a long talk with Devilnax (the guy who works on the visual aspect of Kingcrow) about it. To make a long story short, we’re growin’ up a lot and changing too we’re taking care of our past our roots (the nest) but at the same time we’re lookin’ at the future and at the infinite prospective is taking with it. This is the perfect image to represent it.

Tell us a few things about the songs of the album…

DM: “Right Before”: is the single of the album… starts like a punch full in the face… it is incredibly energetic and we liked to start the album like this.

“This Ain't Another Love Song”: It’s about the porcupine dilemma… two people who can’t stay together… and at the same time can’t stay apart. Could sound as a “ballad” but it isn’t.

“The Hatch”: It could sound a little bit like the previous album “Phlegethon” but it has a weird refrain that suddenly change everything… enjoy it.

“Morning Rain”: Maybe it will be the second single to come out. It’s very emotional and shows our choral nature very clearly but even if it seems smooth it’s fuckin’ complex. The sound is refined and I think is one of the best tracks on the album.

“The Drowning Line”: Reverse guitars, strong and catchy riffs a lot of energy and our vision of prog-metal.

“The Glass Fortress”: A bit noir… alcoholism, weakness with a huge musical crescendo...

“Summer ‘97”: Bittersweet song… starts sweet as a memory… but near the end…

“In Crescendo”: The longest track on the album, one of my favorites, technically very difficult to play even if it gives to us a great satisfaction, a lot of atmospheres an different musical moments go fluently embracing the intimate and the epic.

The production was taken care by you (Diego – the guitarist) and the drummer Thundra at Sound Under Pressure in Rome, the album was then mixed by Giampiero Ulacco and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Do you feel better to have the control of your sound in the end? Is there anything you would change now, if you had the chance?

DC: I’m a little bit of a control maniac. So it is very hard for me to think about letting someone else handle the production process, especially at the first stage of production. And also I want to have the time to think about every choice we make in terms of sound and arrangements. So to work in my studio for me is natural. When it is all done I work with Giampiero for the mixes, so he’s the mixing engineer and I’m the producer… for the ones who does not know about the difference it is like that: I ask to him what to do and he knows how to do. Then I keep breakin’ his balls with something like “yeah, something like that, but you can do even better… so keep working”. I think sometimes he hates me because I can be very picky with very small details.

About the last part of the question, yes I’d change things here and there. There is no way you, being the producer, end a record and think “OK, it’s perfect!”, for me at least. When I listen to the record now I tend to focus more on things that don’t work than the things that work. But it is natural because I’m still looking at it from a “scientific” point of view instead of listening to them as songs. I know in time I’ll be able to change that point of view and start to listen to the songs instead of an interaction of sounds and instruments.

Do you have any plans to release a video for a specific song in the next months?

DM: We’re working on a video of “Morning Rain” but we still don’t know whether it will be a story in images or a live recorded version of the song or even both of them.

I’m aware that you’re planning to go on tour overseas with Pain of Salvation. I think that’s great for it gonna bring you to a new & bigger audience eventually. What do you think?

DM: It’s definitely true. We always liked Pain of Salvation sound and songwriting and I think is very compatible with ours. It’s a great opportunity to let people know our music indeed.

I’ve written: “…Kingcrow seem to be indeed “In Crescendo”, as this is their finest release to date and they look as if they’re ready to make the next big step in their career…”. What’s your say?

DM: What can I say… first of all I say thank you for writing this and hope that your “predictions for the future” become a reality… (i.n.: I hope the same too!)

We see quite a few bands from all the rock/metal genres coming from Italy nowadays. Do you believe that your country’s rock/metal scene has become more popular and better than in the past?

DC: There are some interesting band like Moongarden (great prog rock) DGM (prog metal) or Infernal Poetry (death metal)… but I have to say I don’t like most of the metal bands which coming out of Italy because they sound always a little bit too cheesy for my taste. I guess we have some really good bands in the power metal area but I’m not that much of a fan of this kind of music so can’t say too much about them.

Are you afraid that in some point everyone will listen to music through their iPod or in Youtube, Spotify etc. and there will be no other way than to bring down the sound quality and record in your laptops? How can these “new technologies” help music instead of hurting it all the way?

DM: Listening to our stuff on a hi-fi system and then on an iPod is extremely different. There’s absolutely no comparison and we know that. But nowadays you have to deal with the fact that a very large amount of people listen to music with low sound quality devices but you can’t low the recording level and the quality for it. Many people listen to Rush or Wilson stuff or even Anathema or Sigur ros on an iPod or something… but for bands like them the production is one of the keys to their success. You always know that if you wanna have a different “experience” with their records you can put them on the stereo sit down on your sofa take a glass of wine close your eyes and enjoy the “best” of this issue. (i.n.: Yeap, that’s more or less the case with this kind of music…)

It’s time for our weird questions! How did you come up with the name Kingcrow?

DM: The name is inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe poem “The Raven” we still keep his “noir” atmosphere in the majority of our works…

Describe your band’s music style with three words…

DM: Emotional, eclectic, choral.

Which is the record you wish you had written and why??

DC: Way too many man! Maybe “The Wall” by Pink Floyd simply because it is a monster record, but I’d have a lot more to mention.

Name 3 top prog rock/metal releases that influenced the whole genre…

DC: “In the Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson…

“Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd…

Everything from “2112” to “Moving Pictures” by Rush…

What are those 3 songs that anyone who hates metal music could hear on the radio and won’t even bother to re-tune?

DC: I think some songs by some hair metal bands… but I tend to not consider those songs or bands metal. It sounds more like low quality pop music with electric guitars to me.

Were you obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that would represent the whole human music evolution, which album would it be and from which band/artist?

DC: “In Crescendo” by Kingcrow… man, business is business! hahha

Now that the “old” Pope relinquished his position, do you believe in the prophecy that says: there will be one more Pope and then the end of days is coming?

DM: It depends on the Pope… heheh. I don’t think the destiny of the universe is so strictly connected with who will head the Roman Catholic Church…

Groupies or Band whores? What’s your choice & why?

DM: Groupies… are less intrusive and maybe between a fuck and another could enjoy music without just taking pictures and share them on facebook/twitter.

Why is rock/metal (any kind) music better than sex… if it is…

DM: Is it? (i.n.: Hmmm…)

Football, Basketball, Sex or Music? Which one do you prefer the most?

DM: It’s obvious!!! Basketball… what else!

You have the opportunity to have sex with the porn-star of your choice. Who would it be & why?

DC: Simple, Sasha Grey. Why? Watch her at work and you’ll have the answer… but I bet you know what I’m talkin’ about, uh? (i.n.: Who doesn't huh... hehe )

Which is the most hilarious band on the planet? Steel Panther, Tenacious D or Spinal Tap?

DM: Jack Black is fantastic… no doubts among these three, Tenacious D.

Imagine that your girlfriend/life partner is selling your whole album-collection just to buy an expensive ring for herself. How would you react? J

DC: Can’t even imagine something like that. I’m a record collector and I have a good amount of disks (something like 500/600 records on CDs). She’d not dare to do something like that and I want not to think about my totally out of control reaction… trying to keep my dark side under lock and key here hahahha (i.n.: Hehe… I hit right on the spot with this one!)

That’s all for now guys. Thx for this interview. Do leave a message to Grande Rock readers and to the band’s fans… Take care…

DM: Keep rockin’! Go watch bands live! Peace and Grey… ehm Love.


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