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 Diego for zwaremetalen
  Read Interview (HOL)

 EIDOS Track by Track by Manofmuchmetal
 EIDOS Track by Track Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego on Manofmuchmetal
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego on Powermetal.dk
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego's interview on lordsofmetal.nl
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego and Diego Interview on Ytsejam.com
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego Cafolla Interview on Progwereld
  Read Interview (HOL)

 Ivan Interview on thecoreofbrutality
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego Cafolla Interview on DPRP
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego Marchesi Interview on auxportesdumetal
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Interview on metal.it
  Read Interview (ITA)

 Grande Rock D&D interview
  Read Interview (ENG)

 "In Crescendo" first Interview on Seaoftranquility
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Diego's Interview - Truemetal
  Read Interview (ITA)

 Cristian's Interview on Metallized.it
 Avvertiamo il fortissimo entusiasmo dei nostri fan Read Interview (ITA)

 Diego's Inteview on Metal.de
  Read Interview (GER)

 Metalitalia: Diego's Interview
  Read Interview (ITA)

 All about Kingcrow by Prognaut
  Read Interview (ENG)

 Cristian on Spazio Rock
 Italian Language Only Read Interview (ITA)

 Ivan's Interview
 ENG - FRA language Read Interview (ENG-FRA)

 Rock Hard magazine
 "Il Fiume Per L'ade" Read Interview (ITA)

 Power Of Metal
 www.powerofmetal.dk Read Interview (ENG)

 Cristian On Phlegethon
 Siete appena usciti sul mercato discografico con un Read Interview (ITA)


Kingcrow at Rock The Castle 2019
Friday, April 5, 2019
new festival!

Kingcrow at ProgPower Europe 2019
Friday, March 22, 2019
new festival!

Second Trak from "The Persistence"
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Nights Descending featuring Daniel Gildenlw

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