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Friday, June 19, 2015 - Review by Tommy Hash - From "http://ytsejam.com/"
ytsejam.com - Album: EIDOS - Rating:

As prog-metal and the whole ProgPower scene has become something of a broken record were everybody sounds the same, exposing us to all of the hallowed hot air enthusiasm towards weak Dream Theaters, Nighwishes, Hammerfalls and what have you; all of them being high on the hog when it comes to technical musicianship, void of being able to compose a song, or even creating decent hooks making casual listeners of the genre(s) run for cover with stale anachronisms.

But a contemporary collective from Italy has proven to keep the charm of and swagger of intricacy, while incorporating flowing melodies to expose this band’s promise and merits. With their sixth album’s vibe bears the title whose meaning that defines ideology, expression, and social groups, Eidos is engulfed with a balance of progressive rock and metal – it’s clear that they do play to both our brains and the ears. Somewhere hitting the target among within later period Fates Warning, Fish-era Marillion and Circus Maximus, Kingcrow doesn’t throttle errant into clumsy pretentiousness. As you run through the emotions constructed through thunderous, actually thrilling tunage including “The Barren Ground” & “Adrift” as well as bearing witness to where the metal edge withers at times within tracks “Open Sky” and “If Only,” Eidos” remains dark, haunting and boldly tuneful, even conjuring up some arena ready hooks at times. Something different, yet familiar from the territory of prog.


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