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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - Review by ANDREW DOHERTY - From "http://www.avenoctum.com/"
avenoctum.com - Album: EIDOS - Rating: 9,5/10

My first encounter with Kingcrow was at ProgPower Europe in 2011 when they put on a polished performance of progressive rock/metal. Then came the album “In Crescendo” (2013) – still more reason to be impressed.

Once again, Kingcrow have produced in “Eidos” an album which doesn’t wash over me but flows through my veins. The interesting thing about these Italian musicians is that they don’t need to resort to histrionics or exaggeration, as many prog bands do. This album flows like the Mediterranean Ocean but there are constant surprises, delights and deep moments along the way. The songs all have movement but above all subtlety as if breezes come along and divert the course. It’s calm but tugs at the emotions. Here and there it’s Opethy in its majesty, including the opening scenes of “The Moth” which sets the scene for the rest of this epic and sophisticated progressive adventure. Kingcrow take us down their own gilt-edged path with their captivating song structures, subtly magical patterns and natural-sounding emotional intensity. The instruments speak. The vocalist may not be one to exaggerate but has a natural tone which conveys a richness of emotion and matches the music perfectly.

So what are the highlights? Frankly, everything. Each track builds up its own picture and enriches it in a lush and colourful wrapping. “Adrift” transforms and is in three overlapping segments, which at first I didn’t latch on to, but its sophistication and warmth grew on me, so much so that it’s now one of my favourite tracks. If pushed, I guess I’d pick out “The Deeper Divide” and the final track “If Only” which bring the most magic and sense of connection – ironic as one of the lines of “The Deeper Divide” is “…feeling disconnected from what’s left behind, pretending to be stronger”. Both are songs of yearning and regret but neither is presented introspectively. “The Deeper Divide” has sad simplicity, aided by the acoustic backing, which is always used to good effect across the album and contrasts with the prolonged bursts of power. I felt every moment and every word of “The Deeper Divide”. The timing is perfect as the build-up takes place. The structure is sublime. The vista is crystal clear. So too “If Only”, which reminded me at first of Dark Sun’s “Abiding Space”, creates magic through its softness and acoustic accompaniment before expanding. The drum’s beat has an air of Opeth. The vivid clarity emerging from the vast range and expanse of instrumental and vocally presented images conjures up the world of Anathema. “If Only” deepens and takes on a wondrous atmosphere with its harmonies and even an eastern-style chant supporting a majestic and electrifying build-up. For Kingcrow, reflection means power. “Open Sky” has devastating intensity, breaking open like a flower from heartfelt beginnings to a world of unimaginable colour and breadth. The only track which didn’t entirely connect with me was the more complex and sharper “Slow Down” but even that, as every song on this album, was laced with richness, subtlety and progressive power.

“In Crescendo” was my album of the year in 2013. Do not be surprised if “Eidos” is my top album for 2015. Listening to it is like spending an hour in heaven.


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