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Friday, July 3, 2015 - Review by CL - From "http://www.rockreport.be/"
rockreport.be - Album: EIDOS - Rating: 5,5/6

Originally known as Earth Shaker, Kingcrow was founded in Rome by guitarist Diego Cafolla and drummer Manuel Thundra Cafolla in 1996. Two promo CDs were released before the band's official debut album, "Something Unknown", hit the streets in 2001. During the years that followed, several line-up and label changes took place and a further four studio albums were released: the conceptual album "Insider" in 2003, the rock opera "Timetropia" in 2006 and the conceptual albums "Phlegethon" (Scarlet Records) in2010 and "In Crescendo" (Sensory Records) in 2013. Those last two CDs are among my favourite progmetal albums of all times, so you may be sure that I was really looking forward to the band's brand-new "Eidos". Following the release of "In Crescendo", Kingcrow first went on tour in the spring of 2013 as support act for Pain Of Salvation and in the autumn they embarked on their first European tour as headliner, playing gigs in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France and Spain. Work for "Eidos" started last year. Of course it's another concept album, this time about choices & consequences and dealing with regret and disillusions. After the childhood of "Phlegethon" , the end of the childhood in "In Crescendo", "Eidos" may be considered as the third part of a trilogy about the path of life. All music was written by Diego Cafolla, who wasn't afraid to come up with a somewhat darker and even more progressive piece of work. The lyrics were provided by Diego Cafolla (tr. 1, 6 & 7), Ivan Nafasi (tr. 2) and Diego Marchesi (tr. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9). You can find them in the 16-page booklet and I can really advise you to follow the words while listening to this long album (62:07). I won't pick fave tracks as I always prefer to listen to concept albums as a whole, but what I can say is that there is again so much to explore. So, if you're into adventurous contemporary bands like Anathema, Opeth, Porcupine Tree and Riverside, you will enjoy it to your heart's content.


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